dinsdag 9 april 2013

The Jewish Messiah

It is not very difficult to characterize the gushing and childlike enthusiasm about the new pope as somewhat simplistic. So, that’s what with conviction I did on my site last week.

But I must say that in a way I can understand such collective euphoria. There is certainly something attractive in the flickering hope that one person can change everything. I may sometimes catch myself on longing for something like that with regard to Israel. Could not Obama bring some movement, or Yair Lapid perhaps, from the inside?

Ultimately, the deus ex machina figure is definitely not unknown to us: the messianic figure who by his coming suddenly changes everything.

Indeed, with an eye on that expectation on Passover we put our door ajar and a cup of wine on the table for Elijah. By the way, it took me quite some trouble to find Passover wine from inside the Green Line.

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